Strength is a way of knowing. Strength is potent ability 
for self-regulation in the face of stress. Through Acubody 
I ground my emotions in order to handle heavy matters. 

For women the most common stress revolves around relationship communication, their "man" (in a male or female body), and their clan. This is the latest science on the female / feminine brain.
                                                        ~ Martha Densmore

Licensed RN Exercise Trainer. Private Gym.
Women's strength training. Therapeutic. Healing.
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Be the STAR YOU ARE in photos!
ACUBODY coaches women to get ready for Body Shots and Boudoir looks. Train for the shot of your life!
Over 50? No problem. 
Photos below taken when over 50.
Photo Martha by Karen Bystedt
 What's Acubody Technique?     
Acubody® is Ergonomic Weight Training for Body Sculpting and Yoga. It's MIND-BODY Posture Realignment. Programs & Set-ups are customized. Weights are leveraged optimized. Joints spared, You Empowered.   Strength training is a heavy duty STRESSBUSTER! Acubody gifts keep giving because amazing Kinetic "Body Knowing" flows with you EVERYWHERE. The balance of Yin.
The Acubody Test:  Have you ever had pain or a vague injury 1-2 days after yoga, a run, pilates, or other common workout? Ever experienced unexplainable shoulder or knee pain? Perhaps a trainer said you still have "core" weakness even though you've worked your abs for months. If you've recently had a bothersome muscle strain but weren't sure how it came, there's something you need to know.
Discomfort in exercise creates stress, hurts the brain, makes fat.
Yin is Feminine. Yin balance is gained by feeling supported.   
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NOW: Acubody Yogic Strength Training  
We once had discomfort and odd injuries after working out with trainers. Even physical therapy. Cases of "I don't know what happened" from exercise show up in our medical clinic everyday as clients with symptoms. Minor injury from exercise, known clinically as "micro-injury", weakens the body, hurts mind-body connection. It affects your brain functioning and health on all levels.
Martha Densmore, dancer and nurse, Acubody creator
Mind-Body Healing Systems
  Martha Densmore, RN, L.Ac.'s
Exercise Trainer, Acupuncture, Herbs and more... Support for the Healthy Lifestyle in Santa Barbara!
THEN: Marilyn Monroe weight training. 

Knowing ergonomic comfort, like the experience of driving a fine car, is how you recognize when you are not properly supported.  Acubody Strength training is a way to heal mind-body connection.
Acubody supports you in any gym, studio, class, yoga posture etc. 
Build Strength and AWARENESS. 
Be Beautiful! Beat stress! 
Developed & taught by RN-Acupuncturist.
Hi I'm Martha. My acupuncture practice includes teaching exercise. RN Acupuncturist consultation time can cost hundreds of dollars. To provide you thorough and adequate fitness guidance I offer a Free Phone Consult. Walking into a gym or pilates studio full of assorted classes, trainers, equipment can be an overwhelming experience. I'm happy to discuss your health fitness needs and advise you about best and affordable options - all from the comfort of your home. Get information on what's right for you. Learning Acubody ergonomics will improve any exercise.